President's Message

Dear Dodge Brothers & Sisters,

It seems I write a lot about the weather but it’s the one thing that everyone talks about, but you cannot do anything to change it. On Wednesday, February 21, it was 73 degrees at 6:30 pm in central New Jersey. I hope that the weather is going to be great for our international meet in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Have you signed up yet? By the way, it was back in the low 40’s the next day.

The winter has been very cold, but the Mid-Atlantic Region was very active in February. Early in February we went to the Treasure Tour in Oaks, Pa. It was jammed packed with one man’s collection of toys, player pianos, music boxes, cars, trucks, wagons, organs, circus train cars and other Americana items. He also has a shopping mall full of antique cars and trucks which we visited the last Saturday in February. In the Treasure Tour there was a little Martian hold a sign saying, “Welcome to Grover’s Mills” in reference to the radio program War of the Worlds which aired on Mercury Theater on Halloween, 1939. Grover’s Mills is not to far from where I live. My 1936 helped celebrate in the 50th anniversary of Orson Welles narrating the radio broadcast. It was in a short film for a TV show that ran between the news and the start of the evening programs and a parade. I was fortunate enough to carry the farmer and his wife whose farm the Martian supposedly landed on. He was probably in his 80’s and said that it was quite a night,one which he would never forget.

All I’m trying to say is that this is part of history which I did not experience since I was not alive in 1939 but my 1936 was and I was glad that we both could help. I may not be around in 2039 for the 100th anniversary but my car may be. This is what we do, we preserve history and our cars help to do it. It is why our club was founded. It we do not maintain our vehicles to show future generations what it was like to start, stop, drive and maintain these cars, how will they appreciate the vehicle they have now? History will be written the way they want it to be and not the way it was. I am not talking about my country but yours.

Hey! Did you see the January/February issue of Antique Automobile, the official publication of the Antique Automobile Club of America? When I first get the magazine, I just page through it, but something caught my eye. It was an article about electric cars and on page 67 there was a 1936 Dodge Brothers, or so I thought. Evidently, the Detroit Electric Company used Dodge frontend sheet metal. They made 13,000 vehicles between 1907 but 1939 was the last. Maybe the Martians had something to do with it. So, keep your eyes open, you may never know where Dodge Brothers cars will show up. The picture of that car taken at the Armacost Museum in Kansas City, Mo. If anyone if from that area, go check it out. You could write an article for the DBCN.

When you go to a car show do you have a membership application with you, so we may get new members. If you sell your car and you thought our club was a great benefit, would you talk him or her into joining or pay their first-year dues. Don’t forget that we now have that special offer of $20.00 for half a year. They only made so many Dodge Brothers cars, so we need all the help that you can offer to grow your club. Sign up for Green Bay.