For those folks coming to the Ozark Odyssey June 23-28, we recommend a light jacket or sweater plus rubber soled shoes for the Bridal Cave tour. Also, you may want to bring some sort of insect repellent, as the excessive rain has caused a large number of gnats and mosquitoes to be about. You can see about individual insect wipes, liquids, sprays, creams, etc. We have secured an adjoining restaurant parking lot that should accommodate most of the trucks/trailers. Our committee will direct you to the parking areas. You can still pull into the hotel parking lot to unload luggage.

There is still time to participate in this year's DBC National Meet in Osage Beach, MO June 23-28 if you complete the Registration form and send it with your check to the Registrar by May 31, 2019. All the info is contained in the last 3 DBC magazines and also on the DBC Facebook page, plus this website. There are still hotel rooms and tour spots for you and your family. If you need a partial week reservation, we will accommodate as much as possible. If any questions, call Dick or Sandy Perry at 309-762-6563 (Moline, IL) for answers. See you all soon!


1914 To 1938 Stock Dodge Brothers


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