President's Message


I hope everyone is healthy. This has been just an ordeal. Living in New Jersey our restaurants are not open for inside dining yet. They were going to open on a Thursday but then the governor said no on the Tuesday before. If the owner started to prepare to open with food in the freezer, called in the wait staff, etc. then to close; that must be tough to handle. We kind of have to deal with our situations. Chris and I signed up for the Glidden Tour in New York and paid our money only to have it cancelled. However, most tours and shows have been cancelled. Hershey flea market has been cancelled, but not the Saturday car show. But, in reality, that is what Hersey is all about at least for the AACA. My local clubs are not doing much. One has not had a meeting, and another just had their first but in an outdoor location. I hear some small groups got together to ride around. In fact, one going to a nursing home, but no one came out to see the cars. Let’s hope that there is NOT a second wave of this virus.

This is my last message as your president. I enjoyed, most of the time, writing this letter to communicate with each and every member. I will not meet most of you because of distance and our meets and events may not fit into your schedule. Our DBCN is only one way to transmit information but it is lasting. You can pick it up and take it and read it anywhere. No electricity or internet required. This is why I suggested articles from the four corners of our planet.

I also enjoyed being your president because it opened doors for me that I may not have had; like a ride in a Dodge Water Car. It also showed me what a unique cars club we have. We are only Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles and Graham Brothers Commercial Vehicles from the years 1914 through 1938. Since 1983 the club has been for the research, restorations, and preservation of these vehicles and we should have a good time and enjoy each other’s company while doing that.

One of the things I would have liked to do was start a scholarship for young students who would like to preserve these cars and trucks, but it may take more time to find financing and to do it right. Another problem we have is membership but every organization on the planet has that issue. But, if everyone keeps asking and talking about the benefits of the club, and when you sell your car make sure the new owner becomes a member, we should be able to carry out our mission.

One of the greatest things I learned about your club is the work ethic and dedication of of your Dodge Brothers and Sisters. I knew when I became president, I had their support, but it was amazing to see how it all fits together. We all have issues or agendas, and not everything is done the way you want it, but everyone works for the betterment of this organization. The problem with mentioning them is I may forget one or two but here goes: past presidents, secretaries, treasurers, and anyone who held office. I would call a past president at times for advice. Also, all our technical advisors; we really don’t know how much work they do. All the work from the historical research to set up the material especially all the scanning for the AACA library and our website, your webmaster and the DBCN editor to keep you updated. The people who are working to get the museum up and running. Your region directors and historians. All the work that your membership chairperson does to keep everything updated and current. All the effort and time spent to make the annual Hersey meet and meetings a success year after year. A shout out to all past and future chairpersons of our annual meets (which sometimes I refer to has reunions) and all who have helped with them. Every time I would have to spend money, I would talk to your budget person. All the regional people that run weekend meets such as holiday potluck dinners at someone’s home. I think we have more inventory in our club store than any other club bar none. The work that goes into that store is unbelievable; in fact, sometimes the profit from sales carries the club until dues come in. I didn’t mention any names, but you know who they are and without them we would not have the club we have.

I thank you for letting me represent and serve you.